GVS: Guggenheim Visibility Study

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    A discretionary research group for Vilnius’ Guggenheim project / Gugenheimo tyrimo ir palaikymo grupė
    Guggenheim virtinukai Klaipėdos Kultūrpolyje July 24th, 2008

    Guggenheimas kviečia visus prisijungti prie Guggenheimo virtinukų gaminimo Klaipėdos Kultūrpolio kieme.

    Kultūrpolio kieme užkaistas nepaprasto dydžio puodas Gugenheimo virtinukams virti.

    Svečiai susipažino su Ermitažo-Guggenheimo virtinukų receptu ir Manifestu.

    “Hermitage-Guggenheim Dumplings™” party June 14th, 2008

    First “Hermitage-Guggenheim Dumplings™” were produced on June 14 2008 at CAC Vilnius by Guggenheim Visibility Study Group. It was super experience!!!

    “Hermitage-Guggenheim Dumplings™” June 14th, 2008

    Dumplings for the 15 million people in the Baltic region:

    765 000 kg of Double M (Mekas/Maciunas) cheese curd;
    2 550 000 Oligarchic eggs from St Petersburg;
    1 500 000 kg PR flour;
    255 000 litres of Neris river water;
    2 500 000 pinches of Bilbao Effect sugar;
    2 500 000 pinches of Independent Expert salt.

    · First put the flour in a Baltic sized mixing bowl and stir in the sugar
    and salt with a Russian bears paw.
    · Crack in the whole eggs being careful not to allow any criticism and
    stir and stir and stir until there is no difference left between any of
    the parties.
    · Next slowly add the water as you stir. If you add to much just
    overwhelm it with more PR flour until you can no longer taste the
    Independent expert salt.
    · Spread the dough over the Baltic region and place the Double M cheese
    curd along the centre.
    · Role this into a linear connection between Vilnius and St Petersburg.
    · Cut this into small pieces and boil in a Zaha Hadid designed cooking
    pot and postpone their completion until 2013.
    · Finally distribute them proportionally between all those who invested
    their dough to make more dough out of the Lithuanian Taxpayers.