GVS: Guggenheim Visibility Study

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    A discretionary research group for Vilnius’ Guggenheim project / Gugenheimo tyrimo ir palaikymo grupė
    “Hermitage-Guggenheim Dumplings™” June 14th, 2008

    Dumplings for the 15 million people in the Baltic region:

    765 000 kg of Double M (Mekas/Maciunas) cheese curd;
    2 550 000 Oligarchic eggs from St Petersburg;
    1 500 000 kg PR flour;
    255 000 litres of Neris river water;
    2 500 000 pinches of Bilbao Effect sugar;
    2 500 000 pinches of Independent Expert salt.

    · First put the flour in a Baltic sized mixing bowl and stir in the sugar
    and salt with a Russian bears paw.
    · Crack in the whole eggs being careful not to allow any criticism and
    stir and stir and stir until there is no difference left between any of
    the parties.
    · Next slowly add the water as you stir. If you add to much just
    overwhelm it with more PR flour until you can no longer taste the
    Independent expert salt.
    · Spread the dough over the Baltic region and place the Double M cheese
    curd along the centre.
    · Role this into a linear connection between Vilnius and St Petersburg.
    · Cut this into small pieces and boil in a Zaha Hadid designed cooking
    pot and postpone their completion until 2013.
    · Finally distribute them proportionally between all those who invested
    their dough to make more dough out of the Lithuanian Taxpayers.

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