America will help us 2005-05-31

Thursday 2 June 2005 at 20:00

action "America will help us!" and polyphonic protest 3

come to an action

"America will help us!"
popcorn and much more

On 23 November 2002, during a visit to Vilnius by the President of the United States George W. Bush, he stated that from now on, any enemy of LIETUVA is an enemy of the United States.

Everyone who is for LIETUVA, join the action!
Together with the United States, let's save LIETUVA from the enemy!

Starting at 20:00 next to the cinema LIETUVA, Pylimo 17, Vilnius

pradžia 20.00 prie kino teatro LIETUVA, Pylimo 17, Vilnius

21.00  polyphonic protest 3

"Sounds Between the Lines: HAPPY END" Vj: Sta



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