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January 1st, 1993


Jutempus [interdisciplinary art programmes] is non-profit, artist-run initiative (NGO), that was founded in 1993 and re-organized in 1997 on the initiative of Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas in collaboration with other artists and creative people at the former Cultural Palace of the Railway Workers in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Conceived as interdisciplinary art program it aims to explore the conflicts and contradictions posed by the economic, social and ecological conditions in the post Soviet era. Jutempus develops models for social, artistic and educational practice that merge art, culture, ecology and technology. Jutempus produces network based collaborative projects with partner organizations and artists facilitating connections between East and West, North and South.

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December 7th, 2014


Zooetics is a 5 year long art-led interdisciplinary research project organized by Jutempus Interdisciplinary Art Program within the framework of the Frontiers in Retreat network and in partnership with Kaunas University of Technology.

Artist unknown, Tadas Ivanauskas, founder of Lithuanian National Zoo, with a baby-roe, 1950. Courtesy of Ringaudai community archive.

‘Zooetics’ is a word in progress to explore new ways of engaging human knowledge and research with other forms of life and to imagine designs, prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies. Zooetics encompasses all life from mammals to mollusks to microbes, and addresses the paradigm shift in science, culture and society proposed in the argument of the Anthropocene. It engages with shifts in contemporary understandings of nature.

Zooetics as a platform addresses the site specificity of the Technology University in Kaunas where the campus is historically negotiating its borders with the National Zoo.

Zooetics launched with a series of public keynote lectures in December 2014. There is an evolving online Glossary and Reading Group, open to participation. A series of practice-led research workshops will take place over the next few years. An exhibition and symposium will be held at MIT, Cambridge, US in 2017. A book will be published in 2018. Zooetics eventually will serve as a pilot project leading to the launch of a new research institution in Kaunas in 2018.


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January 29th, 2014

jutempus history


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September 4th, 2013

Frontiers in Retreat. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ecology in Contemporary Art

Jutempus is taking part in organisation of Frontiers in Retreat project, developing its Art Education Programme with a focus on multidisciplinary methodologies and sustainability in artistic research, working closely with the educational institutions to organise a series of student workshops, research days, field trips and exchanges. The programme will unfold alongside the various stages of the project, involve the artists and their research processes and form a base for a sustainable art education and research network.

Frontiers in Retreat broadens the understanding of global ecological changes and their local impacts on European natural environments by means of contemporary artistic practices and multidisciplinary approach. It responds to an urgency to redefine relationships with environments that are decreasing in permanent habitation while at the same time facing increasing attention for various ecological and economic reasons. Frontiers, specific “natural environments” within Europe, seemingly detached from the urban areas, are approached in the project as sites where global ecological concerns in their complexity become apparent.

Frontiers in Retreat is organised by HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme in partnership with the art organisations Mustarinda, Finland; Scottish Sculpture Workshop – SSW, Scotland; Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE, Latvia; Cultural Front – GRAD, Serbia; Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, Spain; Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art, Iceland; and Jutempus, Lithuania. Frontiers in Retreat has been funded with support from the EU Culture Programme for the years 2013–2018.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 5th, 2013

Suomenlinna August 5, 2013. 6am

jutempus director at the frontiers of Suomenlinna

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August 20th, 2012

River Runs

Modern Art Oxford, United Kingdom, 2010/2012

A series of workshops and events for children, young people and adults, artists residency and project along the Thames River. In collaboration with MIT, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Brookes University. The project is supported by Arts Council England, Oxford Brookes University, MIT, Canal & River Trust, Association of Art Historians and The Environment Agency.

project blog:

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July 4th, 2010


Territories of the In/Human, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany, 2010

Justempus produced the research project Druzba (friendship), a psycho-geography of the oil network (Druzba – the biggest oil pipeline built by Soviets) to study the flows of cultural and labour exchange, and energies produced in the context of a disintegrating infrastructure of power. Project was supported by Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.

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January 5th, 2010

Manufacturing Today

Vilnius, Lithuanian and Trondheim, Norway, 2010

A series of workshops and conferences conceived by a networked group of partners in collaboration between the graduate programs in art at NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Finish Academy of Fine Arts, Malmo Art Academy, Goldsmiths University of London, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

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June 6th, 2009

studio 302

The Studio 302 was established in 2009 as a space for work and socializing in the former Soviet factory No.5, classified military-industrial facility for production of electronics for ballistic missile systems in Vilnius.

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April 6th, 2005

pro-test lab

a space and archive of various protest forms against the corporate privatization of public space; and a case study of destruction of Lietuva – a cinema theater – the largest pavilion type building of soviet modernist architecture in Lithuania / 2005 – ongoing

project website:

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August 29th, 2004



The 6th RAM workshop entitled “Social Interaction & Collective Intelligence” took place on August 25th to 29th, 2004 in Vilnius, Lithuania, organized by Jutempus interdisciplinary art program. Venues: CAC – Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius and a forest outside of the city.

RAM – Re-approaching New Media is a collaboration project based in Northern Europe run by separate organizations which all are exploring new media in relation to the artistic and cultural field.

RAM creates an international network of artists, technicians, designers, media activists and cultural practitioners and theoreticians with an array of skills in new technology, and provokes a productive and critical dialogue and an exchange between different artistic cultures using “new media” as tools in their art practice, but also to encourage the creation of new tools and forms of expression/communication.

The RAM workshop series provides the platform for the first annual event of VILMA – Vilnius Interdisciplinary Lab for Media Arts.

Workshops tutors:
Daniel Garcia Andujar, Kim Cascone, John Hopkins, Derek Holzer & Sara Kolster, Geert Lovink

Alejandro Vidal, George N. Dafermos, Voytek Mejor, Dorinel Marc, Joanne Richardson, Jodi Rose, John Grzinich, Evelyn Müürsepp, Juha Hytönen, Victoria Brännström, Tracey Warr, Danil Akimov, Jakob Ojanen, Jorge Blasco Gallardo, Matteo Pasquinelli, Margot Jacobs, Juha Franssila, Alison Gerber, Gintautas Mazeikis, Gintas K, Renata Sukaityte, Mikomikona, Sureyyya Evren, Nils Claesson, Maria Bustnes, Evaldas Jansas, Paulius Turskis, Mindaugas Gelunas, Milda Augustinaityte, Andrius Rugevicius, Egidija Medeksaite, MI_GA, Aismantas Zelnys, Nerijus Narmontas, Darius Ciuta, Tomas Grunskis, Juozas Milasius, Jurij Dobriakov, Augis Sabaliauskas, Bartosz Polonski, Arturas Bumsteinas, Dalia Navikaite, Denis Romanofski, Darius Bagdziunas, Erikas Vosylius, Jiri K.Jurecka, Julius Balcikonis, Juozas Salna, Jurij Titof, Kiril Pantelejev, Laura Aurylaite, Laura Garbstiene, Laurynas Liberis, Levas Ziriakovas, Linda Wallace, Lorenza Pignatti, Mirjam Wirz, Paulo Raposo, Raimundas Malasauskas, Ramune Miksiunaite, Rasa Vaisvilaite-Ziriakova, Romena, Tatyana Tushyna, Tomas Jonusis, Veronika Malisova, Zivile Kucharskiene, Vilius Vilutis

RAM6 supported by:

CULTURE 2000 – Europos Sajungos Kulturos Programu Fondas, EKPC – Europos Kulturos Programu Centras, LRKM – Lietuvos Respublikos Kulturos Ministerija
KSRF – Lietuvos Respublikos Kulturos ir Sporto Remimo Fondas, UAB Bite GSM – mobiliojo rysio, duomenu perdavimo ir interneto paslaugos, APM kompiuteriai, Lukrecija – Lukrecija BBDO, Reklamos agentura, UAB Svytejimas – kelio zenklai, dangos remontas, reklamos gamyba, UAB JCDecaux Unicom – lauko reklama,
A.R.T. – Aktyvios Reklamos Tinklai, ACM – Actual City Media – reklamos transliacijos lauko ekranuose, LRT – Lietuvos radijas ir televizija, Ekskomisaru biuras

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August 28th, 2004

RAM6 performance

Darius Ciuta + Juozas Milasius. Forest Test
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January 1st, 2004


VILMA – Vilnius Interdisciplinary Lab for Media Arts – is a process that begins by drawing out lines of orientation in order to resituate within a contemporary era ethos. These are like probes, matching to the desire for focusing on the experiment and search, and a more transformative, experimental “voice”.

VILMA is planned as a annual event, whose form is drawn together over the year and emerges from the conditions linked to the event. In this way, it allows for a focused set of workshops and lectures to engage in the methodological enquiry associated to a project, within the economy of the event structure. This quality offers that the issue is as well, what kind of contemporary institutional form could develop. VILMA addresses the desire for a space of experiment related to the issues of technology that define new media, and orients media to artistic practice, and onto culture and society. VILMA is scripting of a voice from relations between international and local situations.

more at:

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May 4th, 2000


An exchange between Lithuanian, Spanish, Dutch and British cultural producers resulting in television project developed as a collaborative platform to engage cultural producers in experimenting with television as tool for production of space, combining the tools of broadcasting, chat and meetings in a physical space. In collaboration with Lithuanian National TV, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Arnolfini, Bristol, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Basis voor Actuele Kunst – BAK, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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July 7th, 1999

10: artist/body

tvvv.plotas_10: artist/body

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / July 7, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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June 16th, 1999

09: artist/modernism & contemporary art

tvvv.plotas_09: artist/modernism & contemporary art

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / June 16, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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June 6th, 1999

08: artist/statement

tvvv.plotas_08: artist/statement

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / June 6, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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May 19th, 1999

07: artist/sound

tvvv.plotas_07: artist/sound

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / May 19, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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May 5th, 1999

06: artist/relatives

tvvv.plotas_06: artist/relatives

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / May 5, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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April 21st, 1999

05: artist/children

tvvv.plotas_05: artist/children

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / April 21, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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April 7th, 1999

04: artist/collaboration

tvvv.plotas_04: artist/collaboration

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / April 7, 1999 / 10.30. p.m. CET


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March 17th, 1999

03: artist/institution

tvvv.plotas_03: artist/institution

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV /  March 17, 1999 / 8.00 p.m. CET


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March 3rd, 1999

02: artist/education

tvvv.plotas_02: tvvv.plotas: artist / education

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / March 3, 1999 / 8.55 p.m. CET


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February 17th, 1999

01: artist/communication

tvvv.plotas_01: tvvv.plotas: artist/communication

TV project / discussion / videoconference
broadcasted by LTV / February 17, 1999 / 8.55 p.m. CET


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September 1st, 1997

jutempus lounge

Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre / during Lithuanian art’ 97: galleries present  / 1997

The ground floor space of the Contemporary art centre in Vilnius is transformed to polisemantic one. Green carpet, soft furniture, lights, slide & video projections, second hand shop of artist clothes, shelves with the bunch of art books and vibration of good sound, all parts are meant to create the atmosphere of versatile, hybrid lounge containing cocktail bar, chill out space, relax room. The thing we are representing is low tech and down to earth, temporary and subjective, non politically correct and meant for chill out. In a certain extent it’s home made and home based, at the end it’s rather not for the gallery or even a museum.



World economy is suffering recession, so what we can say about the support for the arts in Lithuania. Even the studio rent it’s not affordable over here. Thus the ability of the artist to make use of the existing facilities is of utmost importance. Nowadays art is made at the apartment space, using family camera, or in the office after the working hours. Such a spaces as Internet, mass media, street are alternatives to the gallery.

We live in a time of uncertain. It’s getting even more difficult to get a job, free medical care or social guaranties. The sametime our world is possessed by the ecstatic of young peoples culture. That’s the context we are working in.

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May 20th, 1997

Ground Control

Ground Control. Technology and Utopia: a book, website and exhibition; exchange between British and Lithuanian artists, a collaboration between Beaconsfield, London and jutempus, Vilnius / 1995 – 1997

Ground Control to Major Tom;
your circuits dead there’s
something wrong
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Can you….
– David Bowie,  Space Oddity

“It might be worth our while to stay… We’re unlikely  learn anything about it but about ourselves…”
– Stanislaw Lem, Solaris

Ground Control is the working title of what has become on ongoing communication between artists in Britain and Lithuania. It is also the name of contemporary art exhibitions in London and Vilnius, a book and a web site.

Communication between Beacosfield in London and jutempus in Vilnius was first established in 1994 and over the ensuing period has involved international travel and negotiations with many and various agencies and people. The original individuals instrumental in putting the two artist-initiated organisations in contact, have since moved on, leaving their mark on the character of this happening which will physically take place over four weeks in Lithuania and Britain, infinitely mutate over time throughout the awesome mechanism of the World Wide Web. having opened up a dialogue, it became apparent that the convential exhibition formula might be inadequate to fully address the cultural context in which contemporary artists in Lithuania and Britain are working. Ground Control, was at one point, the subject of a bid to the European Union which proposed to equip and consolidate the physical and organisational structure of jutempus as the first independen arts initiative in Lithuania, using the exhibition project as its vehicle. The project, though ultimately unsuccessful, was short-listed. However the topicality of developing global communications networks, the historical significance of the opening up of Eastern Europe, the ease of international
travel together with concerns within contemporary art practice about interactivity survived as a potent cocktail for an art project. Furthermore the notion of opening a window between east and west Europe using visual artists as envoys for audiences in their respective countries remained the concept upon which Ground Control developed.
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December 1st, 1993


jutempus space [1993-1997] at the former Cultural House of Railway Workers in Vilnius suggested an open framework for collaboration and research in a physical space to engage with different practices and methods functioning in the contemporary society with the particular stress to the local situation. More than 30 frameworks were developed during four years of activity in the space. Among others: Distillation by J&J Vaitekunai, implementing illegal vodka production [moonshine] provoking discussion on media with the consequences to issue a special law; Life Experience by E.Jansas, creating a model of the piggery, with the live piglets for a mutual experience and many others.



jutempus was formed depending on the needs of the projects launched.
An independent alternative space creates its own rules, whereas an invasion of different spaces and situations enables one to become a subject of other rules or, preferably, provokes a game and an interaction of various rules and values. This requires direct involvement: everybody must be present in that space rather than merely admire a spectacle,  a mode of thinking or a performance.

In the winter of 1996 jutempus deserted its physical space due to unfavourable outside factors, and also because of the fact that to have a permanent exhibition space turned out to be less urgent for this initiative, since: constant modification of attitude ironies the concept of a stable artistic attitude, attached to or always in opposition to one socio-political and aesthetic system or culture; exhibitions in a permanent space become dependent on that space, which affects an installation or a project’s conception.

When different locations are chosen, projects find themselves in different circumstances that require different solutions and methods,  while a permanent gallery space provides the same context to different projects.

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