interdisciplinary art programmes
December 1st, 1993


jutempus space [1993-1997] at the former Cultural House of Railway Workers in Vilnius suggested an open framework for collaboration and research in a physical space to engage with different practices and methods functioning in the contemporary society with the particular stress to the local situation. More than 30 frameworks were developed during four years of activity in the space. Among others: Distillation by J&J Vaitekunai, implementing illegal vodka production [moonshine] provoking discussion on media with the consequences to issue a special law; Life Experience by E.Jansas, creating a model of the piggery, with the live piglets for a mutual experience and many others.



jutempus was formed depending on the needs of the projects launched.
An independent alternative space creates its own rules, whereas an invasion of different spaces and situations enables one to become a subject of other rules or, preferably, provokes a game and an interaction of various rules and values. This requires direct involvement: everybody must be present in that space rather than merely admire a spectacle,  a mode of thinking or a performance.

In the winter of 1996 jutempus deserted its physical space due to unfavourable outside factors, and also because of the fact that to have a permanent exhibition space turned out to be less urgent for this initiative, since: constant modification of attitude ironies the concept of a stable artistic attitude, attached to or always in opposition to one socio-political and aesthetic system or culture; exhibitions in a permanent space become dependent on that space, which affects an installation or a project’s conception.

When different locations are chosen, projects find themselves in different circumstances that require different solutions and methods,  while a permanent gallery space provides the same context to different projects.

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