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September 1st, 1997

jutempus lounge

Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre / during Lithuanian art’ 97: galleries present  / 1997

The ground floor space of the Contemporary art centre in Vilnius is transformed to polisemantic one. Green carpet, soft furniture, lights, slide & video projections, second hand shop of artist clothes, shelves with the bunch of art books and vibration of good sound, all parts are meant to create the atmosphere of versatile, hybrid lounge containing cocktail bar, chill out space, relax room. The thing we are representing is low tech and down to earth, temporary and subjective, non politically correct and meant for chill out. In a certain extent it’s home made and home based, at the end it’s rather not for the gallery or even a museum.



World economy is suffering recession, so what we can say about the support for the arts in Lithuania. Even the studio rent it’s not affordable over here. Thus the ability of the artist to make use of the existing facilities is of utmost importance. Nowadays art is made at the apartment space, using family camera, or in the office after the working hours. Such a spaces as Internet, mass media, street are alternatives to the gallery.

We live in a time of uncertain. It’s getting even more difficult to get a job, free medical care or social guaranties. The sametime our world is possessed by the ecstatic of young peoples culture. That’s the context we are working in.

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