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May 4th, 2000


An exchange between Lithuanian, Spanish, Dutch and British cultural producers resulting in television project developed as a collaborative platform to engage cultural producers in experimenting with television as tool for production of space, combining the tools of broadcasting, chat and meetings in a physical space. In collaboration with Lithuanian National TV, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Arnolfini, Bristol, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Basis voor Actuele Kunst – BAK, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

tvvv.plotas is an interdisciplinary art research project that aims to become a platform for discussion about artists survival strategies in different circumstances and contexts using critical discourse as a starting point.

tvvv.plotas is in a search for possibilities to communicate with the audience by infiltrating the national television in Lithuania and opening a space for  creative people. Artists, like all human beings, need a place to create, space to make mistakes, and the opportunity to develop opposition.

“Plotas” in Lithuanian is a homonym referring to a certain area and, at the same time, an opportunity for teenagers to arrange a party at home when their parents are away. tvvv.plotas is constructed as a living environment consisting of several elements: television broadcast, video conference with chat channel, net cast and discussion/meeting in physical space in Vilnius.

Today’s art has branched out and penetrated various fields of life, the project traces the territory. One can see people working as artists but not identifying themselves as an artists. It is important to reveal the ambiguity and contradictory character of today’s life and culture, i.e. its dependence on local contexts and, at the same time, its ability to express global aspects enabling one to instantaneously realize all these different contexts. Totally global (international) contemporary art displays individuality in terms of phases and rhythms rather than in great cultural differences. It is these individualities that tvvv.plotas is interested.

The object of this research is the polemics between east & west, articulation & production, ideas & reality, issues of social – political reality, audience and media.

What interests us is not an art object but the human head.
Identity, artistic practice, statement, communication, networks, institution, art world, context, collaboration, family, children, education are our starting points for further investigation in interviews.

tvvv.plotas started in June 1998 as a work in progress initiated by jutempus [Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas], Darius Ciuta, Linas Augutis, Robertas Kundrotas, Arturas Raila



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