The State Supreme Administrative Court issues the decision to renew the court case No.1 in connection to the appeal by the four citizens: Tomas Bakucionis, Jurate Markeviciene, Vytautas Damasevicius and Gediminas Urbonas. In this decision the Court admits that edition of Aarhus Convention translation as published in State Newsletter of January 22, 2009  is fundamentally different from the one that was followed when the administrative case was examined. The Court concludes that during examination of the case there was possible damage incurred in connection to violation of norms of civic rights, therefore the legal process is renewed. The decision is not subject of appellation. As the process of administrative court case No. 1 is renewed, there is a legal base to stop the civil case – court case No.2, in which company UAB Rojaus Apartamentai claims the compensation from the four representatives of the citizen’s movement of possibly incurred damage.