Minister of Culture will seek to retain the cultural spaces of Vilnius 2005-05-10

Press Release
Tuesday 10 May 2005

Minister of Culture will seek to retain the cultural spaces of Vilnius

On May 9th the Minister of Culture, Vladimiras Prudnikovas initiated a meeting where he expressed his concern about the obvious decrease in public spaces.  Present at the meeting were Vilnius Mayor, Arturas Zuokas, VP Market representative, Mindaugas Marcinkevičius, Director of “Europos kinas” (European cinema) Vida Ramaškienė.

V. Prudnikovas wanted to explore the possibilities of keeping the Cinema Lietuva in its present form, i.e. to remain a non-commercial cinema centre.  They discussed the possibility of subsidising the cinema by allocating funds from The Ministry of Culture and Vilnius Municipality.  VP Market, who purchased Cinema Lietuva three years ago, agreed to prepare a proposal ready for the next meeting at the beginning of June.

“Places of cultural attraction in the centre of Vilnius should remain open for the general public.  For me it is important that the cultural life of the future Capital of Culture does not disappear, and to obtain this, the government, the city and private business should work in partnership”, says the Minister of Culture. 

They also discussed the possibility of preserving Sapiegų Palace for the general public. V. Prudnikovas suggested that the Palace could be used as a museum of city architecture. 

Dalia Grigoravičiūtė
Spokewomen for the Ministery of Culture