March 10, 2006 – Vilnius City Municipality disposes the territory planner’s rights over to private company UAB Rojaus Apartamentai (Paradise Apartments) under the agreement (No. 04520) for the detailed planning of the lot at Pylimo street 17. The act of disposal of territory planner’s rights is violating the Aarhus Convention, as doing so Vilnius City Municipality delivers function of public administration (that is duty of State or Municipal institutes) over to the private enterprise to perform the supervision of the detailed planning of territory. UAB Rojaus Apartamentai  are  owners  of  the  cinema  Lietuva  and  therefore  have private interest in the development of the lot.

Such disposal of the planners rights is admitted as violation of Aarhus Convention during the UN European Commission of Economy declaration announced in the 4th part sub-section “d” during June 11-13, 2008 Aarhus convention meeting  in  Riga. It is noted that such disposal of planner’s rights violates decision of Vilnius City Council No. 1-903 “Regarding the Detailed Planning in Vilnius Old Town” published September 7, 2005. This document clearly defines functions of the planning organizer as duty of City Development Department of Vilnius Municipality.