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r&d project initiated by Urbonas Studio in collaboration with Tracey Warr
August 17th, 2012

River Runs unpowered pleasure boat

Friday, 17 August. River Runs unpowered pleasure boat launch: see post below.

‘Besides the sky, the river is the only aspect of our urban environment that has not yet been parceled out into real estate or butchered by human insensitivity and carelessness. It suggests far-away places and distant memories and thus gives to the urban citizens a most needed sense of freedom.’ Gyorgy Kepes, Artist, MIT, 1972

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August 17th, 2012

River Runs unpowered pleasure boat launch

Friday, 17 August. Big day! We are testing the River Runs unpowered pleasure boat : 5 Jellyfish Lilies and a port. Everybody is up from 7 am and meeting at Medley sailing Club deck.  A van packed with parts of the structure and driven by Laura and Emily comes straight from MAO. The great support team is awaiting by the river.








At this point the crew decides to drift a bit down the river to be photographed from the bridge.

Drifting is exciting and the whole team is debating to continue all the way down to the parking station at Osney Lock.

Passers by are excited to encounter and experience unusual swimming methods.



After meeting with several boats and fight with the strong current the crew shortly stops in Oxford just before the final destination at Osney Lock Marina.




August 14th, 2012

Jellyfish Lily test no. 1

6 am Tuesday, 14 August. We are getting up early today to test a Jellyfish Lily prototype for our River Runs unpowered pleasure boat . Gediminas and Giacomo get parts of the structure attached to their bodies and all are heading to the River Thames at Medley Sailing Club by the Port Meadow.





On the way back from testing we met a woman with a little purple trailer who was very interested in our “water bringing” structures and she told us about coracles, lightweight boats of the sort traditionally used in Wales but also in parts of Western and South Western England, Ireland and Scotland.

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