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r&d project initiated by Urbonas Studio in collaboration with Tracey Warr



March 2012, Oxford Brookes University at the Isis Farmhouse, Oxford

A one day symposium at the Isis Farmhouse on the River Thames at Iffley Lock organised by Tracey Warr.  FUTURE RIVERS brought together a small group of people working in different disciplines to discuss rivers from a range of perspectives. Rivers shape us and we shape rivers. A consideration of the future of rivers raises a host of issues including their impacts on human quality of life and well-being, water quality for drinking and swimming, water shortages, rising water levels, climate change and climate justice, public access, management versus adaptation, high tech versus low tech and aquatic biomimicry solutions, river-based structures and mobilities, aquatic wildlife and habitats, river-based leisure, sport and transport and more. Research on a particular river in a specific place can have resonances for rivers, locales and communities elsewhere.

The participants were Tracey Warr (Fine Art, Oxford Brookes University), Alan Boldon (Bristol University & Winchester School of Art),  Michael Blow (Artist, Oxford Brookes University PhD Student), Mark Davies (Local Historian, Oxford Water Walks, River Boat Resident), Laura Degenhardt (Artist), Colin Priest (Interiors & Spatial Design, Oxford Brookes University), Cookie Scottorn (River & Rowing Museum, Henley), Elizabeth Wilson (Reader in Environmental Planning/Acting Director Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development: Impact Assessment Group, Oxford Brookes University), Jane Wafer (Artist), Richard Bailey (City Barge Rowing Club). We began the day with a walking conversation along the towpath. At the Isis Farmhouse we shared our favourite quotations on the river. There were short presentations by Alan Boldon, Tracey Warr and Richard Bailey.  The day ended with Richard Bailey rowing the group back up the river in his splendid Venetian Rowing Boat.

Photographs: Alan Boldon, Tracey Warr.




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