RnD project by Urbonas at CAA Turku 2011
August 27th, 2011

guided tour performance

On Saturday August 27 2011 at 3 pm audience was invited to participate in the guided tour performance through the telegraph hill bunker in Korpo, Turku Archipelago. The tour was led by Seppo – Sonera employee taking care of the bunker and artists working on the installation, Kaj Kivinen from Turku – engineer and pioneer of telecommunication technologies in Finland, also involved setting up the notorious Red Line – direct phone line (that was operated from Telegraph hill bunker) and connecting Washington and Moscow during the peak of the Cold War; Katja Bonevier – scientist, biologist investigating biosphere concept in archipelago; and Maarit Munkki– historian and sheep owner currently living on the island and undergoing process of becoming local.

introduction to the project by Gediminas Urbonas at uto-pia sign:

Introduction by Seppo in Finish, translated by Maarit:

Kai told his story in the kabel room.

Katja introduced concept of biosphere and spoke about historically complex relationship of human and nature in the islands.

The audience was invited to smell the camembert that was maturing in one of the end rooms of the bunker labyrinth.

Then the tour continued in a main room of operations: at the light table with red telephone.

Maarit emotionally told her personal story of becoming abo-riginal and how she keeps sheep.

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