RnD project by Urbonas at CAA Turku 2011
August 27th, 2011

guided tour performance

On Saturday August 27 2011 at 3 pm audience was invited to participate in the guided tour performance through the telegraph hill bunker in Korpo, Turku Archipelago. The tour was led by Seppo – Sonera employee taking care of the bunker and artists working on the installation, Kaj Kivinen from Turku – engineer and pioneer of telecommunication technologies in Finland, also involved setting up the notorious Red Line – direct phone line (that was operated from Telegraph hill bunker) and connecting Washington and Moscow during the peak of the Cold War; Katja Bonevier – scientist, biologist investigating biosphere concept in archipelago; and Maarit Munkki– historian and sheep owner currently living on the island and undergoing process of becoming local.

introduction to the project by Gediminas Urbonas at uto-pia sign:

Introduction by Seppo in Finish, translated by Maarit:

Kai told his story in the kabel room.

Katja introduced concept of biosphere and spoke about historically complex relationship of human and nature in the islands.

The audience was invited to smell the camembert that was maturing in one of the end rooms of the bunker labyrinth.

Then the tour continued in a main room of operations: at the light table with red telephone.

Maarit emotionally told her personal story of becoming abo-riginal and how she keeps sheep.

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August 25th, 2011

testing the sign

Testing of uto-pia sign at the entrance to the bunker at telegraph hill, 9 pm Thursday, August 25 2011.

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August 25th, 2011

checking the bunker

We arrived to Korpo and the bunker at telegraph hill in the evening, around 8:30 pm directly from the boat Tallinn-Helsinki on Thursday August 25 2011. For the symposium “Archipelago Logic. Towards Sustainable Futures” that took place in Turku and Korpostrom on August 26-28 we were preparing the guided tour performance in the bunker. It took us and curators of CAA whole summer to get the final “yes” from the owner of the bunker- finish telecommunication company Sonera. Just a day before our arrival they agreed to let us and participants in for one day of preparation and two hours performance on Saturday. It was exciting to see the place again.

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August 19th, 2011

another visit to Darguziai

We decided to visit Audrius farm in Darguziai once again to re-shoot sheep milking scenes. We agreed to meet on Thursday, August 18 2011. Vilnius on the way was stunning that early morning.

The light was incredibly beautiful. Darguziai meadows drowned in fogs. We could not see Audrius farm from the distance and on the way got lost in the mist.

Sheep were also drowning in the fog silently not willing to reveal the directions to the farm with their baa.

Even Brukne did not dear to disturb the silence of the rising morning and was calmly sitting at her house.

This is what typically happens in Darguziai meadow. Martynas and his friend came to visit Audrius and to share expertise of organic farming. Their car got stuck the same way as ours when we visited Audrius in early spring.

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