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August 9th, 2012


The Conducted Tour as Grand Narrative
by Daniela Lazoroska and Mirko Lempert

We work with a variety of art formats using the dramatic structure of the medium television to problematize a notorious media image of an urban area. Hereby the art formats or so called episodes work as chronological course of actions, take on the shape of a conducted tour and through that construct a new reality, an immersive universe. The story goes as follows:
A journalist from a big news publisher is sent to Husby to write a column about a place with a predetermined media image. The journalist is on a mission. After his/her arrival he/she will follow the chronological course of actions to investigate the area of Husby and do some research. The audience will follow the journalist, thus simultaneously observing the episodes, as well as the journalists work of research. To increase the level of participation for the audience, the audience itself operates as the journalists “Alter Ego”. Aim of the tour should be as Judith Barry (Media and Me in Are You Ready for TV?, 2010) says constructing subject positions which allows the audience to get a more complex image of the problématique, the distorted media image of that area.

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Stockholm, August 2012

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