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r&d project initiated by Urbonas Studio in collaboration with Tracey Warr


July 2010, Oxford, Oxford Brookes University: The Culture of Rowing & Swimming Residency

Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas were in residency at Oxford Brookes University for a month investigating the river. They filmed interviews with people at Falcon Rowing Club and the Environment Agency and took part in a one day symposium at the Isis Farmhouse speaking alongside artists engaging with water and Olympic swimmers and rowers. They gave a talk and screened some of their film work at Modern Art Oxford. They also took park in a Wild Swim with 60 people in the River Thames at Radley, organised with the Outdoor Swimming Society, and they learnt to row in an eight with Oxford Academicals Rowing Club. The Culture of Rowing & Swimming was organised by Tracey Warr and Rob La Frenais and funded by the Creative Campus Initiative and Oxford Brookes University.

Port Meadow, River Thames, Oxford, UK


Wild Swimmers at Radley, River Thames, being addressed by Kate Rew, author of Wild Swim and one of the founders of The Outdoor Swimming Society


Wild Swimmers Getting In


Rowing Workshop for Beginners with Oxford Academicals Rowing Club


Rowing Novices Taking To the Water


River Thames Rowing Workshop


Wet Sounds sound art event, Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, Oxford, UK


Photos: Nomeda Urbonas, Tracey Warr, Rob La Frenais, Joel Cahen.



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