2004-08-02 KIM CASCONE (USA)
Kim Cascone is a one of the leaders of the global electronic music scene, a composer, theoretician, writer, lecturer, new media activist. Since 1980, Kim has released more than 25 albums of electronic music and has worked/performed with Merzbow, Keith Rowe, Tony Conrad, Scanner, Ikue Mori, and Pauline Oliveros among others. Cascone was one of of the co-founders of the microsound list (microsound.org) and has written for Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), Artbyte Magazine, Contemporary Music Review and Parachute Journal.


Emergent Content Creation Using Simple Genetic Algorithms

The concept for this workshop was inspired by John Maedašs "Human Powered Computer Experiment" http://www.imrf.or.jp/HPCE.html. In this experiment Maeda recreated the internal operations of a simple computer using people to physically transport handwritten instructions and data to and from the CPU, RAM, FPU, etc. Participating in this type of experiment enables one to transfer abstract concepts from their body to their brain.
In a similar spirit, this workshop develops a group workflow using the model of a simple genetic algorithm (SGA) with the end result being an emergent work of music/sound art.
A TWiki server will be set up to collect, route and organize content for the workshop group. The TWiki server can act as an open source repository for sound files as well as short works in progress for the group to see and or hear.
The TWiki server can also be used to disseminate information to the workgroup, distribute tools, allow members to communicate with one another as well as provide content.
Kim Cascone has created a temporary TWiki page to help get workshop participants started gathering audio tools for either the PC or Mac platform (please see link below).

Temporary TWiki page for SGA workshop
Microsound mailing list