2004-08-02 JOHN HOPKINS (USA)
is an active networker with wide-ranging international experience in engineering, hard science, learning, and the arts. He practices a nomadic form of teaching that spans many countries and situations. His formal teaching engagements - more than 100 workshop, lectures, and seminars in 15 countries often occur together with live streaming network-based media happenings. Current activities focus more on facilitation of distributed network congregations rather that the production of cultural spectacle and artifact.


Networks, Dialogue, Tactical Media, and Creativity

The keywords of the title form the dynamic core to a wide-ranging workshop/seminar that explores the fundamentals of creativity from a socially aware and personally-centered perspective. It is an open platform for a critical exploration of a variety of practical and theoretical technological tools and situations especially focusing on the possibilities of networks. Moving beyond a simple examination of product and process, it sets a precedent for an engaged and radical creative praxis that is energized by principled and wholistic understanding. The article "1 + 1 = 3" is a brief sketch of some of the ideas that are typically introduced in the workshop.