2004-08-02 DEREK HOLZER & SARA KOLSTER (The Netherlands)
is a sound and radio artist with a background in free radio, net.radio and streaming media technologies. Recently, his work has focused on capturing and transforming small, unnoticed sounds from various natural and urban locations [Karosta Project, w/ Sara Kolster], and on the electromagnetic resonances in our everyday environment [OZONE Project, w/ Bas van Koolwijk], as well as the use of free software such as Linux and Pure-Data.

is a video and new-media artist with a background in web / graphical design and webbased-projects.


---VISIBLE SOUND/AUDIBLE IMAGE: Workshop + Screening + Performance
featuring videos from the collections of Montevideo [NL] and NOASS [LV]

VISIBLE SOUND/AUDIBLE IMAGE combines three different formatsóworkshops, screenings and performances--which cover many current aspects of experimental audiovisual culture, from production to aesthetics.

The event takes three phases:
* SCREENING: The first section presents video works from Holland, Latvia and other locations which show direct relations between sound and vision. These video works have been selected from the collection of Montevideo/Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam, and from the NOASS Gallery archives in Riga.

* WORKSHOP: The second section follows up with an introduction to various methods of sound and video production using common hardware andfreely available, open source softwares. The level of this workshop is scaleable from introductory to more advanced, and can cover various topics such as: stop-motion animation, field recording, basic sound & video editing, sound synthesis, webstreaming, open source software and even an introduction to visual programming.

* PERFORMANCE: The event ends with a performance which shows these toolsin use. Sound artist Derek Holzer and video artist Sara Kolster will make a location-specific audiovisual live mix called "resonanCITY", which uses found objects and images gathered in each city of the tour. Audience members are encouraged to bring objects which they think might give interesting results if looked at or listened to more carefully.

SCREENING: The exact works and artists for the screening are still being selected in a collaboration between RIXC, NOASS [Riga], Umatic [Utrecht] and Montevideo [Amsterdam].
in July. Links to the various partners follow
PERFORMANCE: Kolster and Holzer have focused on site-specific audiovisual works for the last three years, and have produced works such as "Acoustic Space Lab-Open Source Sampling" and "Karosta Project" in Latvia. Full CVs can be viewed at the Umatic.nl website
The Karosta Project, a month-long intensive study of the former Soviet army base in Liepaja, Latvia